Who may apply for accreditation

Any facility that meets the Accreditation Association for Podiatric Surgical Facilities survey eligibility criteria (see below) may apply for an accreditation survey. The accreditation is primarily intended for the following types of organizations and facilities:

* Private podiatric practitioners' offices;

* Ambulatory surgical facilities within colleges of podiatric medicine;

* Ambulatory surgical centers that place an emphasis on podiatric surgical services.

Such a facility is deemed to be eligible for an accreditation survey by the AAPSF if the following requirements are met:

1. The facility is currently in operation and actively caring for patients. When the facility has been in operation for less than six months the accreditation award may include a contingency for a follow-up visit within one year after accreditation is granted so that the facility's record of performance can be evaluated.

2. Is in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

3. The organization provides podiatric surgical and medical care that is under the direction or supervision of a duly licensed podiatrist or group of podiatrists who accept responsibility for that care.

4. Operates without limitation because of race, creed, sex, or national origin.

5. Returns the signed Application for Survey and
other documents in advance of the survey as requested.

6. Pays the appropriate non-refundable application fee.

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