Survey Information

Accreditation surveys are conducted by AAPSF surveyors, all of whom will be podiatrists and/or administrators-consultants that are familiar with facilities similar to the one being evaluated. The number of days required for a survey is determined by the AAPSF based on information provided in the facility's Application for Survey.

The AAPSF will notify the facility shortly after receipt of the completed application and a mutually convenient survey date will be determined. If a facility undergoes any major changes prior to the survey date, these must be reported in writing to AAPSF. Major changes that must be reported are:

* A change in ownership of the facility.
* A significant increase or decrease in the volume of services.
* Change of facility location.

To minimize the impact of a survey on a facility's scheduled activities, the AAPSF attempts to honor written requests that specify dates during which an organization prefers not to be surveyed.

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