Survey Fees

Survey fees are directly related to the cost of AAPSF operations and ordinarily are determined annually. The survey fee is based on the number of surveyors and the number of days required to complete the on-site evaluation. Except where prohibited by law, the survey fee must be paid 30 days in advance.

If the facility cancels or postpones the survey in writing more than eight weeks before the survey date, the entire survey fee minus the application processing fee will be refunded. If the organization cancels or postpones the survey in writing less than four weeks before the survey date the AAPSF will refund the survey fee as above, less any direct costs incurred in preparing for the survey.

If the organization has more than one location that they desire having accredited, an effort will be made to schedule visitations at these additional locations at the time of the primary survey; however, an additional fee will be charged for each satellite location. Such facilities should contact the AAPSF office as early as possible in the planning process to facilitate efficient scheduling of surveys.

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