Opportunity for Information Presentation

The AAPSF requires that an opportunity to present information be given during the on-site survey for members of the general public as well as patients and staff of the facility being surveyed. During this time, pertinent information concerning the facility's provision of health care and/or its compliance with AAPSF standards can be discussed. As an alternative, individuals may present such information in writing directly to AAPSF offices.

1. Public notice of survey required - AAPSF requires the facility to post, in a public place on its premises, the official AAPSF announcement of the date of the survey and of the opportunity for public information inter-view. When practical, this notice must be posted four weeks before the survey date and shall remain posted until the first day of the survey. Individuals interested in making a presentation either in person or in writing shall be directed to notify AAPSF in writing no later than one week prior to the on-site visitation. Arrangements will then be made between AAPSF and the facility to contact these persons and schedule a time for them to meet with the survey team if they so desire.

2. Presentation of information in person - The interviews for individuals wishing to present information in person will be scheduled during the first day of the survey. The time and length of the session depends on the number of people wishing to make a presentation. These individuals shall meet privately with the AAPSF surveyor in a place so provided for by the facility. The interview shall consist only of the orderly presentation of information verbally or in writing within the prescribed time limit and all information received will be considered for pertinence and accuracy and the findings may be included in the survey report if applicable.

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